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Date: Monday, March 1, 2004 at 8:30 PM
From The Desk of:
Adam Urbanski
How coaches can attract more clients

Dear Coach,

When earlier today I told the five people in my Master Mind team that I'm going to offer my $3,000 mentoring program at a price discounted by more than 95% - they told me I'm nuts! Well, I'm doing it anyway!

So if you are sick and tired of just getting by and not attracting enough clients you have a chance right now to change that forever!
This letter is directed right at you - READ THIS NOW!

How Successful Coaches Build
Six- or Seven-Figure Practices

It's not a secret that successful coaches build their own marketing machines by writing and publishing articles, developing info-products and getting invited to speak to groups that attract their potential clients. But knowing and doing are two different things.

Almost every coach I talk to tells me how frustrated they are with reading marketing information and not knowing how to get started. They share with me that they simply don't know how to implement any of this knowledge for themselves.

That's why I created this 12-week Coaching Practice Marketing Program. I will personally guide you, step-by-step, in a small group environment, to create your own marketing system, get an influx of new leads and clients, develop passive income streams, overcome your most pressing marketing challenges and concentrate on work for which you have true passion.

"this month I doubled my income and my client base"

Coach Melanie Benson-Strick
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"Itís Melanie Benson-Strick with and I just wanted to take a minute to tell how much I value all of your insights and the amazing work that you have put me through, through your workshop and your coaching.

Those really transformed the business that I run. As a matter of fact this month I doubled my income and my client base. And I know this was really a huge payoff from some of the things you had me do in my coaching business to create more low risk entry points, more ways that the customers can experience me through my marketing such as free reports, CDs that Iíve implemented in the last sixty days and my clients are happy.

They feel really good about making the decision to work with me and I feel like Iím able to give people an experience of my coaching and my work much more effectively.

As a matter of fact, we are implementing some of these very techniques that you talked about by creating a CD to help people who want more community and better support to grow their business through Shared Vision Network, and we are so excited that all of the directors are coming together to help market this new CD.

So, thank you for your wisdom and for all of the amazing marketing insights that you bring to the coaching community. I know that with you and my toolbox I have so much more to offer my clients to help them know about Success Connection and Shared Vision Network. So take care. Have a great day.. I hope you can help even more coaches become revenue generating machines. Take care. Bye, bye!"


"Adam has given me a new direction..."

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"I'm Will Christ. I'm the Vice President at the Sandlers Sales Institute ( in Irvine, CA. We are sales coaches and trainers.

In the balancing act of looking for new clients and servicing current clients we're always looking for ways to more effectively get the target audience's attention.

 Adam has given me a new direction, that I'm confident will generate a substantial new list of customers in a timely fashion. Adam is a creative marketer who will surprise you with new, practical ideas."

I want the same results!

Here Is A Sneak Peak Into Just
A Few Things You Will Accomplish:

Generate an influx of new, qualified leads and paying clients you love working with using new online and offline marketing tactics


Learn step-by-step plan to find a market that's hungry and willing to pay for your coaching now,


Create a marketing message that says "what you get" rather than "what I do",


Build a client attraction system that causes prospects to seek YOU out,


Quickly and inexpensively develop profitable multimedia info-products (I will even give you full rights to a ready-to-sell-product so you can start generating money right away or use it as a give-away bonus!)


Position yourself as an expert in record time,


Identify and eliminate the main barriers that cause people not to do business with you before they ever come up


Convert more appointments into actual paying clients,


Automate most of your marketing processes so you have more time to work with clients that love you and enjoy your life,

You Might Be a Bit Skeptical...

That's quite normal. Especially if you have been burned by a bad marketing campaign or if you have been struggling for years to attract clients and build a profitable practice.

However, once you see this system in action, you will immediately see how simple and powerful it is to produce predictable results.

As a matter of fact, there are....

5 Reasons Why This Program Is So Powerful

  1. It does not require a big marketing budget - every coach can afford to implement it
  2. Youíll generate more high-quality prospects than you ever thought possible
  3. You will create passive income streams that don't require your time and energy
  4. This system works equally well for new and established coaches
  5. It will give you a brutally unfair advantage over your competition

I read enough - how do I register?

"I also recommend Adam to any coach
or consultant who needs to develop a
better marketing system to attract more clients."

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"Hi, this is coach Lee Shapiro from Phoenix, AZ. ( I'm calling to tell you how much I've enjoyed working with Adam Urbanski and the Marketing Mentors.

I coach small business owners on how to grow their business, work less, have more balance in their life. Since marketing is my forte I didn't know what to expect from Adam.


I've been extremely impressed. Adam keeps coming up with those fabulous new ideas. I've learned so much from him. I plan on continuing to use Adam's services to help me further in building my practice. And I also recommend Adam to any coach or consultant who needs to develop a better marketing system to attract more clients"


"You hold our feet to the fireÖOuch!"

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"Hi! This is Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero from and Iím calling from Los Angeles, CA.

Hey, Adam, I have to tell you, you have a great way of clearing all the garbage out of the way and creating a clear, precise marketing plan. I know first hand because it helps me out with mine!


You are one of those rare marketers who has the guts to put your clientsí business under a magnifying glass and hold our feet to the fireÖOuch! Listen, after working with you, I found I have an inner voice that eggs me on without me even trying to take risks and to not keep myself pigeon-holed in my old ways. And that voice is yours Adam! It is your encouragement and good advice that my business is taking off as it is, and I thank you so much."


I'm Sure By Now You Are Asking Who The Heck Is This Guy and Why Should I Listen To Him...

Adam Urbanski My name is Adam Urbanski and I'm a marketing mentor to small, service based businesses. I came to United States in 1989 with less than $200 in my pocket and in less than 10 years I created a multimillion dollar empire in the restaurant industry.

Over the past 13 years I owned multiple successful businesses - some of them generated millions of dollars in annual revenues. Four years ago, after I sold my last restaurant, I decided to teach others how to build successful businesses; I became a full time coach and consultant.

I don't have a million dollar practice but I earn a
healthy six-figure income working with a handful
of small business owners helping them generate
new sales, boost profits and enjoy a fulfilling life.

I'm a devoted student of money making strategies. I read at least two new marketing books a month. Several times a year I attend high-end marketing training programs and train with such high caliber mentors as Mark Victor Henson, Robert Allen, Wade Cook, John Childers, Alex Mandossian, Dan Kennedy, Ron LeGrand and others - too many to mention.

I'm a popular speaker. Over the past couple of years I taught my marketing strategies to thousands of entrepreneurs and professionals. My weekly marketing ezine "Get Clients!" is read by small business owners on all six continents.

If with limited ability to speak English, starting with less than $200, I can build a multimillion dollar business - you have no excuse not to be successful!


Here Is What You Get When You Register For
The Coaching Practice Marketing Program:
bullet Home Study Materials - Every week you will get a new set of no-nonsense, step-by-step instructions to create and implement a new marketing strategy, develop attraction tools and build your own irresistible client attraction program.
bullet 9 Coaching Sessions Over Three Months - You will get my undivided attention for 90 minutes a week. Each time I will share with you a detailed outline how to take the next step, answer questions and guide you in implementing marketing strategies that work best for you. I will give you specific recommendations to keep you focused, overcome challenges and connect you with resources as you need them. This will generate momentum and keep you focused on actionable steps that produce results.
bullet My Rolodex of Resources - You will get full access to the massive collection of marketing resources I've accumulated over the years. Many are completely free. You will be blown away with how many things you can get done for your business for little or no money.
bullet Examples You Can Copy - I know how confusing it can be when you are trying to do things for the first time, so I will share with you examples of marketing materials that generated great results for other clients in the past.
bullet Access to Recordings - I will record every call - just in case you can't make it one week - so that you will not loose out on any information.
bullet Access to Student's Only Discussion Group - Where you get your questions answered outside of our weekly calls. You will be able to share your own experiences and learn from other coaches what works best for them.

You Will Also Get These Three Free bonuses

FREE BONUS #1 - "How to Double Your Sales" program. This is a comprehensive outline of 37 high-impact marketing strategies to attract new clients, bring back your existing clients more often and sell them more of your products and services. 50+ page workbook and over two hours of audio. (downloadable mp3 and PDF files)

FREE BONUS #2 - "How To Create Killer Mini Sites That Sell Like Crazy". A special report with deep dissection of the most successful mini sites on the web and exclusive access to a 9-step formula for creating killer mini sites that sell like crazy! (Plus you get the complete rights to sell this great product and keep 100% of the profits in your pocket!)

FREE BONUS #3 - Free (or deeply discounted) access to all my teleclasses and live events for 12 months. I regularly conduct high impact, content-packed teleclasses and live seminars where I, or a guest expert, teach on a specific area of marketing (like lead generation, conversion strategies, product development, etc.) You will be able to attend those for free or at a very significant discount.


"I got my marketing engine working
to bring me my clients"

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"Hi! My name is James Roche and Iím from Los Angeles and Iíve been coaching for about a year now and marketing was always the most challenging part of my coaching business.

And it was really only after I took Adamís seminar that I got my marketing engine working to bring me my clients. Adam totally helped me articulate what I do and who my target market is with such power and clarity that Iím very grateful to him.


Heís also really helped me to put me ahead of all the other coaches out there with my marketing. Before I worked with Adam I looked into a lot of other marketing materials out there and I really think that Adam is the best there is!

So thanks a lot Adam for having your gift and helping me bring my gift to so many people through my coaching."


"Get focused and create more
clients fast and with less effort"

"For over 30 years I studied and researched relationships - first as a Marriage and Family Counselor in Phoenix and more recently as a Relationship Consultant in California.

 Attracting new clients since moving to Orange County has been a struggle. It was frustrating watching others, less qualified than I having more success than me. I hired Adam because I knew he would be the one to help me get focused and create more clients fast and with less effort.

His strategies are now helping me quickly become recognized as one of the nation's well known relationship experts. I am happy I didn't wait one more day to hire him."

Mary Pat Wylie, Ph.D.


There Are 3 Reasons Why I'm Giving
Away a $3,000 Program For Only $147

This is a complete program. There is no up-selling here. This is it! And here is why:

  1. It's bad enough all the coaching schools cost thousands of dollars - there is no reason for you to pay thousands more to learn how to get clients. I want to make it possible for every coach who wants to build a more successful practice to be have access to this information.
  2. One of the things I teach is to under-promise and over-deliver. I want you to be so blown away by what you learn in this program that you'll give me one heck of a testimonial and then tell all your friends about it.
  3. I made a commitment to myself to put together a marketing program for coaches this year. But frankly, I'm a bit of a procrastinator and I need a little extra motivation to get it done. So I want to quickly put together this first group and I don't want the price to get in a way of you making a decision to register.

I Want To Register For The CPM Program
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Teleclasses will be on Mondays at 6:00 PM Pacific Standard Time.
(9 PM Eastern). We will meet three weeks out of each month starting on March 15.

Here are the dates:
March 15, 22 & 29
April 12, 19 & 26
May 3, 10 & 17


Coaching Practice Marketing Program
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YES! I Want To Be a Part of CPM Program
Adam, I want to take the next 90-days (starting Monday, March 15th 2004 at 6 PM PST) and transform my coaching practice into a client- attracting marketing machine.

I understand that my registration includes:

bullet Weekly Home Study Materials,
bullet Nine 90-minute Coaching Calls Over Three Months,
bullet Access to Your Rolodex of Resources,
bullet Admittance To Exclusive Online Discussion Group,
bullet Ready to Copy Examples of Marketing Materials,
bullet Three Free Bonuses I Can Claim As Soon As My Registration Is Processed

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Best of Success,

Adam Urbanski

PS. At this time I don't intend to do another program like this (most certainly not at this ridiculously low price). This is a one-time "recording" special. Take it or kiss it goodbye

PPS. Remember - I take all the risk; take the program and if it doesn't meet YOUR EXPECTATIONS I will give you back every penny. You will be completely blown away by what you learn and accomplish or I don't want your money.
That's more than a guarantee - that's my personal promise.


Adam Urbanski
The Marketing Mentors
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Irvine, CA 92606

© 2004, Adam Urbanski, All Rights Reserved